Environmental Friendly Menstrual Cups

26 Jan

Most people now days want to adverse the way they live their life and especially most of them do not want to destroy the environment with ecological footprints, therefore, they will save on everything even the pads.One of this method that women are using to safely guide the environment is the reusable menstrual cups.Apart from being that they can save use the environment the other advantage is that they are very convenient in most cases, so you can say that the difference is quite big over traditional cups.

It comes in the form of a bell-shaped cup that will protect the period form flowing from the woman's vagina.Just as the sanitary napkins are worn the menstrual cup is also worn in the same manner .Apart from being the protection of the period from coming out of the vagina the cup prevents any leakage of the fluid from the vagina and keeps the fluid inside until when the cup will be removed by the woman at her own will. Go to reusablemenstrualcup.com for more info on these cups.

They usually hold most of the fluid two times more than the normal way, unlike the tampon which will only once.But for this type, you can use then at least two times without having to change or remove it thus making them the best way women can protect themselves and the environment is safe from the tampon wastage. This kind of cups is very good for those women who are involved in frequent travel and those who participate in sports activities like the marathon.

This reusable menstrual cups are usually created from materials such as latex or hypoallergenic silicone therefor this kind of material will not react with the skin of the women who will use them and therefore they will not have issues with ant allergic irritation of the skin.This kind of menstrual cup are very durable and they can be used for more than 10 years and in the same case they're very elastic to cater for the changing size of the vagina .They have different range of sizes to cater for any type of size for any woman regardless of their size.

When  a woman is receiving her menstruation they can take out the cup rinse it with water then they can simply take them in again each time they use.In most cases it is wise to wash with boiling water to prevent any infectious germs.But in other cases there are manufacturing companies that will sell out solution that are used to clean the menstrual cups with easily . Here's a video on how to properly use a menstrual cup: https://youtu.be/BJsFkQGx_YQ 

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